About Us

The Bar & Grill is a unique place located in the Lakewoods neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. It is a great place to grab a drink and a meal, as well as a fantastic environment for hobnobbing with friends and neighbors, listening to a DJ, and attending a gallery exhibition or cultural event. The interior of The Bar & Grill is undeniably unique. Crafted in many cases from remaindered building materials, decorative ephemera and bits and pieces of original architectural elements, the decor inside The Bar & Grill ranges from a bar top built from a bowling alley lane to graffiti-scarred high school chemistry table tops to booths and a DJ station built from old pinball machines.

 The Bar & Grill offers a fantastic menu with over 100 brands of beer to choose from. We have a great chef who inspires a varied menu, with specials each week. Come in to hear about our chef-inspired creativity.